Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser & Polish 425g

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Removes rust stains, tarnish, oxidation, hard water deposits, soap scum, mildew, grease and grime from a variety of surfaces

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Clean surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, to remove rust stains from garden tools and to remove mildew and dirt from vinyl siding. BKF Cleanser is safe for use on most surfaces, including porcelain.

KITCHEN: Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser can remove burnt food residue from cookware, stubborn grease from oven door glass, plus rust stains and hard water deposits from stainless steel and porcelain

Use it on stainless steel, laminate and Corian countertops and on faucets, tile and backsplashes. BKF Cleanser also removes stubborn utensil marks from dishes, coffee cups and restores cloudy glassware to like-new condition.

Bar Keepers Friend is safe to use on most cooktops and stove grates, but always test it on a small area first.

Safely scrub away stubborn hard water deposits, soap scum and rust stains without damaging your tub or sink. Clean bathtub drains, light-colored grout, shower doors, most fixtures, ceramic tiles and countertops with BKF Cleanser. Use Bar Keepers Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner (sold separately) on toilets.

Cuts through thick grease on grill grates and removes hard water deposits from outside window panes. Use it on rust-stained patio furniture, lawn ornaments and to remove grime from vinyl and aluminum garage doors and siding. You can even use it on stainless steel golf clubs.

Bar Keepers Friend is a family-owned company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. They develop, produce and package all of our products, to ensure consistency and quality.

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Sprinkle BKF on a thoroughly wet cloth and rub gently. If applying BKF directly to metal, porcelain or plastic, make certain surface is wet then rub gently until rust or discoloration disappears. Rinse: For difficult stains, rust spots, tarnished surfaces, make a paste by adding a few drops of water to BKF. Let paste remain on stain no longer than one minute before rubbing. Rinse immediately. Laundry: Always test fabrics for fastness before using BKF. To remove stains, moisten stain and sprinkle enough BKF to make a paste. Rinse after 5-10 minutes. To remove yellow iron tint that bleaches can't touch, presoak using 3 to 4 tablespoons of BKF to each two gallons of water.


mineral abrasive, oxalic acid, surfactant, water-softening agent




Do not ingest, inhale, or get in eyes. Keep away from children. Harmful if swallowed.

May etch some finishes, such as older porcelain. Test a small area first. May discolor some colored grout. Do not use on gold, silver, or lacquered surfaces. For brushed finishes, polish in the direction of the brushlines. Do not mix with other household chemicals, including detergents or bleach. Contains oxalic acid. Avoid contact with eyes. For eyes, flush thoroughly with water and call physician. If swallowed give large quantities of milk. Call physician. Keep out of the reach of children.

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  1. Joshue Menezes

    Absolutely love this product! Basically cleans everything! I have bought it several times and never been disappointed. Definitely would recommend.

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